What is Islamic Fashion?

Cultural diversity:

Cultural and ethnic diversity is the beauty of this world. It adds color to the world by adding different types of clothes, food and living styles. There are many things which define the clothing styles, food and, a lifestyle of the people. Some main factors affecting these things are:

  • Culture
  • Religion
  • Atmospheric factors

Culture is defined by the people living in that specific area. Like the people living in the jungles of Africa wear short clothes made of wooden skin and leaves whereas the people living in the cities of Africa wear properly stitched clothes. Religion also defines the way of people’s clothing. Like the Muslims are bound by their religion to cover a specified part of their bodies. This influences the fashion among Muslims.

Restrictions in lady’s fashion among Muslim women:

The Muslim women are bounded by their religion Islam to cover their head completely by wearing a scarf over it. The main aim is to cover the hairs and to cover the whole body. This requirement influences the cloth and fashion designing for Muslim women. While designing clothes specifically for Muslims, these requirements are and must be kept in mind by the designers. The exposing clothes are disliked and not wore by them.

What are the latest trends in Islamic fashion?

Islamic fashion used to be a simple big cloak in the start for the ladies. The cloak was made of a simple cloth. In some parts of the world, the cloak was not used. Instead, ladies used to wear simple clothes which cover all the body. A simple scarf was used to cover the head and hairs completely. But it changed with the time as it got affected by some other cultures. Another factor which affected the Islamic fashion was the availability of the modern pieces of colorful clothes. The modern colorful clothes are there to make the dress look more enchanting and to make your personality beautiful.

What is more in fashion? v

The concept of Islamic fashion is not much old. Rather, it is quite young. The basis of this concept is the need for the Muslim women to look modest and beautiful at the same time. And now, the cloaks are also available in many varieties that’s why it is quite easy to practice as well. There are many beautiful scarfs and head covers available in a large variety.

What is the variety of head covers and scarf?

The variety depends on many things. The first thing is the color. Due to the availability of the different colored clothes, the variety of colors is quite large. The most liked color is black because of the variety of designs which can be made easily on it. But there are many other colors in fashion too. Some of them are red, brown and white. You can check more styles on www.taleenfashion.com.

Are there any good Islamic fashion designers?

There is a lot of space for the young Muslim designers to capture the market in the west as there are only a few there. But in Islamic countries, the concept is growing at a rapid rate.


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The Coolest Stocking Stuffers In The Whole World!

It’s Christmas season! Why are you just putting your leg on the leg, it isn’t a time to waste it more. Everyone is out and about in search to buy presents for their loved ones. Someone is catching the cabs, markets, and stores to buy.

The children want to buy cool stocking stuffers for their parents, parents for their children, our highly spiritual generation in worry to buy for their relationship partners, hubbies for their wives, wives for their hubbies, friends for each other and many other out there. So why don’t you give a look here?

Catch some ideas!

Be nice to them!

That can be:

1) Ventless Table Top Ethanol Fireplace:

Winters are no farther. Don’t you think it will be a good idea for winters? The more modern and versatile of the time, such alluring and soothing sounds of fire along with the warmth can make your love comfortable and more excited about winters. Think about them!

2) Bluetooth Headphones Sunglasses:

In a world of busy bluffers, everyone is in search of a bit smart, portable and unique gadget that will provide them ease. Don’t you think that the Bluetooth headphones sunglasses is the smartest invention? I think, better move to the smart presents to give this Christmas.

3) Rock Climbing Mug:

Don’t you ever want to climb a mountain? Mountain climbing isn’t so far in approach, as for sure. We feel your torment. And keeping in mind that tasting hot espresso out of the Rock Climbing Mug is nothing similar to scaling your most loved divider, it may relieve some of that aching for no less than several minutes. Isn’t cool stocking stuffers?

4)  Mickey Mouse Mug Warmer:

The Magic of Disney now keeps some espresso as warm as the principal pour. With a charming Mickey Mouse plan, the artistic mug and mug hotter is dependably an extraordinary decision. Well, I think, winters are meant for enjoyment, to take in warmth. It will be a marvelous present to give.

5) Sound Canceling Earbuds:

Pollution, noise pollution, like everywhere! Sound scratching off earbuds are much more careful than earphones that brag similar sound muting qualities. They will fit in your schoolbag far less demanding. Providing ease and comfort brings a cherishing smile on your face. Not a good idea? Don’t you think?

6) Coolest Science And Technology Toys:

What isn’t more of a technology? What don’t the kids want these days? Technology? That’s what  actually is attention seeking.

7) Mag key Magnets:

Any key fob is good enough to hold all your keys in one place. What they don’t stop, however, is that jangling noise they make while they move around their pocket or hang on their belt loop.   The MagKey is designed to put an end to that noise. A marvelous idea that will help to silence your noisy keys.

8) Sticky Page Markers:

To create entertaining scenes while indexing pages on books using sticky cushions to stamp areas of a book is a typical trap when you need to ensure critical segments are appropriately set apart for the later survey. While the  Sticky Page Markers do, essentially, a similar thing, they add oddity to the procedure by coming as smaller than usual items that assistance you make engaging scenes and scenes.

Find your way, take the ideas, pick out one, and present some cool stocking stuffers this Christmas!